March Fishing Report 2017

March Fishing Report
Hale Harris, Bighorn Trout Shop

High, early-spring flows are unusual on the Bighorn. Cold, high water pushes the fish toward the bank and excellent fishing can be enjoyed if you find runs and holes with the right current speed. If you find one fish, there are usually a group of them in the area.
Fish are feeding on scuds, sowbugs and midge pupa. A standard rig is a large orange or pink scud up, with a smaller grey sowbug down. Late morning or midday you can do well on a black midge pupa.
There are midge adults around and the trout want to rise; there just aren’t a lot of places for them to pod up. There are also a few Baetis duns appearing, but we don’t expect that hatch to get going until mid-April. But if you watch closely, there are some trout up in the back eddies. A Sipper Midge or Student will take fish.
Streamer fishing is just fair. The fish don’t tend to be real grabby when the water is this cold (40 degrees or less). That being said, lots of fish are jammed on the bank and on cloudy days you can catch fish.
Recommended Flies
Nymphs: #14, #16 Orange Scud, #14, #16 Pink Scud, #16, #18 Ray Charles (Grey or Tan), #18,#20 Tung Teaser (black), #18 Zebra Midge
Dries: #20,#22 Sipper Midge, #20 Student, #20 Griffith’s Gnat
Streamers: #6 Thin Mint Wooley Bugger, #4 Dirty Hippy (cream), #4 Slump Buster (olive), etc.

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