June Fishing Report

After a long period of record flow releases, the Bureau of Reclamation has begun gradually reducing streamflow releases from Yellowtail Dam. Current releases are suspected to stay at 9,000cfs through the rest of this week, with further cuts occurring after inflows start coming down. The river and the lake have been a bit more turbid that we are used to this time of year as a result of the heavier mudline that has hit the dam as it fills. The river should clear up as the spillway is shut down and flows hit summer base flows. Water temps are now at 60 degrees and the fishing has been good on nymphs. Fish are eating aquatic worms, scuds, sowbugs, caddis pupa, and Baetis nymphs. More wade fishing spots are opening up every day as the water comes down. Streamer fishing has been great some days, and good almost every day if you can get it done. Emerald shiners have been washing in from Bighorn Lake (overflow spillway) and the fish are looking for baitfish. We have also started seeing some PMD’s, Black Caddis and Yellow-Sallies, but are still waiting for the trout to feed consistently off the surface. If you fish in the evening until dark, you can find some good black caddis fishing on the upper river. This will continue to improve. The lower river below Bighorn Access is fishable and productive, but tough in the afternoon.
RIver picture final

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