About Us

History of the Alliance

Early in 1995 The Bighorn River Alliance was formed to contest a proposed land swap between the National Park Service and the Crow Indian tribe in which 3-Mile Access and the 340 acre Lind Ranch adjacent to the access and ramp was to be ceded to the tribe in exchange for right-of-way which was not obtained at the time of construction on the road to Ok-A-Beh Marina. Alliance leadership participated in numerous meetings, both public and otherwise, regarding the proposed transaction. The Alliance published newsletters educating the public on this issue. Board members telephoned and called numerous letters to government officials. Hale Harris had a brief meeting in Billings, Montana with Governor Mark Racicot concerning this issue. The Alliance also encouraged many prominent citizens and Bighorn River anglers to write letters to their respective congressmen concerning this issue. The proposed legislation was set aside.

Again in early 2005 the land exchange with the Crow Tribe of Indians and the give-way of the Lind (three mile) Fishing Access and ranch property came to the front again in the form of proposed federal legislation. The Alliance remobilized, caused some changes to be made in the proposed bill, spent time with Senators and Congressmen and in the end the bill once again went to the wayside for want of support.

Statement of Purpose

The Bighorn River Alliance (BHRA)  works to preserve, protect and enhance the wild trout fisheries of the Bighorn River. Through collaborative relationships with fly-fisherman, state/federal agencies, water users and area tribes, the BHRA monitors Bighorn River health concerns and the recreational fishery through monitoring of:

  • water quality
  • water flows
  • angler populations
  • angler access
  • trout populations
  • tackle restrictions
  • recreational easements and education
  • general aquatic biology

All efforts shall be directed toward maximizing quality angling opportunity on the Bighorn River.

It is further the purpose of this organization of anglers and professionals to develop positive relationships and work together with all management agencies involved with the well being of the Bighorn River.

Organizational memberships will in no way be limited, but shall include as much representation as possible from all users of the Bighorn River.

The Bighorn River Alliance is a non-profit organization.

Board of Directors

Visit this link to learn more about our board of Directors who serve to protect the Bighorn River resource and fishery. LEARN MORE