2017 Carp Tournament & Bighorn River Days

2017 Carp Tournament & Bighorn River Days

time 12:00 am

July 14, 2017

JPGSince 1989 the Bighorn River Alliance has hosted the annual Bighorn ” Big Lips” Carp Classic Tournament on Bighorn Lake to encourage dry-fly Carp recreation and raise funds for cold water conservation efforts. Known as the biggest Carp Tournament in Southeast Montana, the competition draws participants from all geographies who enjoy testing their dry-fly fishing skills on Bighorn Carp while surrounded by the beautiful sites of the Bighorn Canyon.

Bighorn Carp Classic Tourney 2017

When: July 14th, 2017
Where: Ok-A-Beh Marina, Bighorn Lake
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for tournament, followed by Bighorn River Alliance Benefit dinner and fundraiser. Registration opens at 9:00 AM.
Entry Fee: $40.00 (2 person teams, non-motorized boat vessels)

Registration Requirements & Rules

The Bighorn Alliance Carp Festival Tournament shall follow the state of Montana’s fishing contest laws and rules as described in Montana’s statutes. In addition, participants will follow the below rules established by the Bighorn River Alliance.

  • Only non motorized floating craft allowed
  • Only 2 person teams*
  • Fly-Fishing only with artificial flies
  • No chumming, no live bait
  • No re-netting of released fish
  • Catch and Release protocol of Common Carp and non targeted species
  • Participants required to wash boat prior to entering lake and pass ANS inspection

* A provision will be made allowing a 3 person per team ONLY if the team consists of two minors (BOTH under the age of 14) who wish to participate and need an adult present to row and supervise. The adult rower will not be able to participate in the tournament in any other way other than rowing the minors. This is the only provision that will allow 3 persons in a boat. Other exceptions will need prior approval from the Bighorn River Alliance.

Bighorn Carp Tournament Registration 2017