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Bighorn Reservoir Data

Daily Reservoir Data as of 11/20/2017

Pool Elevation is 3637.7 Feet
Pool Elevation to Fill 2.3 Feet
Reservoir Storage is 992099. Acre-Feet
Reservoir Storage to Fill 28474.0 Acre-Feet
Reservoir Inflow is 3413.6 CFS
Reservoir Outflow is 3952.5 CFS
Reservoir is 97.2 % Full*
Reservoir Flood Control Pool is filled 0.0 %
Mean Daily Flow Below Afterbay Flow is 4010.9 CFS
Mean Daily Canal Diversion is 0.0 CFS
Mean Daily Total Flow at Afterbay is 4010.9 CFS

Hourly Reservoir Data as of 11/21/2017 10:15

Pool Elevation is 3637.53 Feet
Reservoir Storage is 990445.00 Acre-Feet

Current Flow Below Afterbay is 4004.9 CFS
Current Canal Diversion is 0.0 CFS
Current total Flow at Afterbay is 4004.9 CFS

Teacup Diagram