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After a brief warming trend when inflows spiked, the reservoir is once again drafting a little under a half a foot a day. Inflows remain extremely high, and in fact, are the second highest on record for this date. Consequently, river releases will also remain at near record highs for this date as well. Reclamation appears to be reacting more aggressively this year, as releases are nearly the same as last year but there is significantly less snowpack in the basin compared to 2017. We’re hoping the pressure the Alliance has been putting on the Bureau is paying off. However, it is important to note that even with record inflows and releases, reservoir elevations are still nearly two feet ABOVE AVERAGE. Granted, it is still early, and lots can happen, but many of us would feel more comfortable with additional available storage in the reservoir. With that said, Reclamation has stated they plan to increase releases to 7,000cfs next week, but this is in response to increases in releases from Buffalo Bill.

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