October Fishing Report

Current Report
Water flows are at 4,920 cfs and the water temperature is 59 degrees. The water clarity is still poor, but it has improved slightly the last two days. Nymph fishing has been slow to fair. The aquatic grass situation has improved, with much of the grass being carried downriver by the higher flows. Fish are being taken on sowbugs, scuds and aquatic worms. Streamer fishing is fair IF you can get it done. The best streamer fishing is in riffle water, two to four feet deep, but the bank water is more productive. Little fishing pressure.

Hatch Info
A few tricos and Baetis. Very few fish rising.

River Flows
USGS Current Conditions

Water Temperature
59 degrees at Three Mile Access

Hot Fly Patterns

#16,#18 Ray Charles (grey or tan), #18 Tung Teaser; #16 Orange Scud; #18, #20 Drowned Trico; #16,#18 Olive Flashback Pheasant Tail; #18 Tung Teaser: #18 Quill Nymph; #18 San Juan Worm (various colors)

Dry Flies
#20; 22 Trico Spinner (various types); #22 Pseudo Dun; #22 Student

#8 Black Squirrel Leech; #4 Dirty Hippy (brown); #6 Thin Mint Wooley Bugger (Hale’s favorite); #4 Grey Zonker; #4,6 Bighorn Wooley Bugger (brown & yellow)





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